Afghan Ministry of Refugees and Repatriation has requested European countries to stop deportation to Afghanistan for 3 months

We have received a copy of the letter that has been written by MORR and sent to the Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In the letter, the MORR has requested MOFA to forward the letter to the European mission in Afghanistan and request all the European countries that deport Afghans to temporarily halt deportation to Afghanistan due to the growing violence and deteriorating security situation in the country

.This includes all the countries like Germany that deports under the JDMC, or those that deport under other tripartite or bilateral agreements. The European countries that are requested to halt deportation are Germany, Norway, Holland, France, Finland, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria and the UK.MORR has requested to stop deportation from 8th of July and has requested MOFA to inform the European mission and all the countries listed above about MORR’s decision.

We will further share EU’s response to the letter. But personally, I am optimistic they will listen to MORR and stop deportation due to the current political situation and the ongoing battle between the Taliban and Afghan security forces all around Afghanistan.

AMASO supports MORR’s press statement

We at AMASO fully support MORR’s stance against no returns to Afghanistan. As a charity organization working directly with returnees, we understand that Afghanistan is going through its worst phase concerning the security situation, and therefore sending anyone back to a situation like this would put the lives of the returnees in danger. As requested by the Ministry, deportation should be halted temporarily at the moment and permanently at a later point if the situation gets worse than this.

New source: MORR Social Media

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