Condemnation | death of 92 years old Afghan woman in Danish detention center

A 92 years old Afghan woman suffering from dementia has passed away in one of the Danish detention centers in Denmark yesterday. According to our friends and activists in Denmark, the Afghan woman was in detention center for almost a year. The victim had repeatedly requested to both the detention center and Red Cross staff about the pain she was going through, but very no attention was given to her and her health.

This incident has taken place at a time when Denmark deported 5 Afghan migrants on 31st of May this year. All of those we met had claims of mistreatment by the detention guards, but one of them confirmed he was severely tortured and humiliated. These 5 Afghan migrants were kept in Ellebæk detention center. However, looking at this incident, this indicates that all the detention/deport centers in Denmark are openly mistreating to be – deportees before they are deported to their countries of origin and are violating all the international conventions, including the convention against torture.

We call on the Danish government to stop mistreating migrants who are facing deportation and respect the international conventions. We also call on the European court of justice to investigate the mistreatment by the Danish authorities and put an end to this cruelty.

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