Psychosocial support sessions for deportees/returnees | session 3

On 5th of April 2021, we successfully organized our 3rd psychosocial support session with 6 participants who were in need for such session. The participants were deported from various European countries such as Germany, Sweden and Norway over the past couple of years. This session was held with the support of Peace of Mind Afghanistan. Ms. Somaya Ahmadi from PoMA and Ms. Zahra Rezai from AMASO jointly led the session.

This session was focused on 3 topics to help deportees.

  • Self-awareness
  • Types of self-awareness
  • positive, negative, and neutral characteristics

The sessions are designed inclusive and participatory to provide the participants with a platform where they can share their views and problems and find an answer to their questions. We are hopeful these session may reduce from the problems, tensions, anxiety and loneliness in absence a social network in Afghanistan. Most of our participants are those who do not have family and social network in Afghanistan. Through this sessions, we do not only aim to help them psychosocially, but also to provide them with platform where they can bond, share their problems and find an immediate solution.

This sessions will also help deportees make a group and help each other with the information and solutions they have about different issue they have been facing.

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