Press statement | Germany

German Elections and Symbolic Gestures at the expense of Afghans

Weeks before national elections, Germany is putting pressure on the Afghan Ministry of Refugees and Repatriation to accept the upcoming charter planned for the 10th of August as a signal to the right of the German electorate that the government is tough on migration. In spite of horrific data from UNAMA about the highest numbers of casualties since the peaks 2014-18, two thirds of which were in the last two months,  massive Taliban gains across the country and 350,000 internally displaced people, all that counts for those in power in Germany is holding on to that power.

According to news from Germany and other reliable sources, the German ambassador met with the MORR authorities and pleaded with the Minister to allow the deportation to go ahead. This follows a letter sent by the Afghan Ministry of Refugees and Repatriation to the European Union urging them to halt all deportations for at least 3 months given the deteriorating security situation and the resurgence of Covid-19. Since then, 3 countries (Sweden, Finland and Norway) have agreed to temporary halt deportation to Afghanistan. In contrast to the Scandinavian approach, the German and Austrian authorities are pushing ahead with deportations.

We condemn the German government’s approach to this matter and find it illogical and irrational. Afghanistan is going through its most violent phase in years. According to the report published by UNAMA yesterday, there has been an increase of 47% in casualties in comparison with the same period last year. For Germany to still put pressure on the Afghan government and blackmail them to accept returns to Afghanistan is not only inhumane, but will also put lives of many returnees at direct risk.

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